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Car Disposal Services

Car Disposals – We Do It The Right Way!

Disposing of your old vehicle can be tiring. Perhaps, you don’t have any idea on how to go about or hire whom? As professionals in the car recycling industry, Au Car Removals can help you make money & protect the environment from hazardous wastes.

Car Disposal Service Melbourne

Looking for a car disposal service near you to dispose of your worn-out & lifeless vehicle? Come to Au Car Removals. As one of the leading car recyclers in Melbourne, we offer car disposal services for our customers across Melbourne. We also specialise in cash for cars, old & unwanted car removal, car disposals, cash for scrap car removal, and recycling services for customers across Melbourne. If you’re having a scrap or junk car or a completely dead vehicle, let Au Car Removals dispose of them for you.

We are a licensed and registered recycling company in Melbourne for disposing of end-of-life vehicles. We offer you an eco-friendly car disposal service for your car. Once we receive your request for car disposal, we send an estimate and pick up the vehicle from your garage or any space. We take it to our recycling facility to de-pollute the scrap materials from contaminated fuel, fluids, and battery acid & get it recycled for minimum impact on the environment.

How We Process?

Once your scrap or end-of-life vehicle reaches our facility, we will dismantle it, clean & test all of the parts. We then recycle and reuse any working parts to prevent your scrap car from ending in the landfill. We are eco-friendly recyclers and don’t overwhelm the landfills with scrap and harmful waste substances, so we aim to prevent as many waste products as possible from being disposed of there.

Car Disposal Service Near You

Disposing of old & lifeless vehicles doesn’t have to be a hassle or time-consuming process anymore. We also offer a free towing service and practically remove & dispose of any vehicle from any location.

When it comes to disposing of your old end-of-life car, you may have choices. However, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly local car disposal service near you, call Au Car Removals at +61 469 804 238 today.

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