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Scrap Metal Recycling

Whether a non-running or damaged car is taking up space or you want to remove it for any other reason, use our scrap removal services. We have experienced and dedicated scrap car buyers in our network and will seal a deal for you.  Whether you have any junk vehicle that is simply lying in the garage or not in a repairable condition, you have to remove them from your garage or yard for safety reasons. When it comes to hiring our junk removal service, you’re not only clearing the space but also maintaining the value of your property.

From clearing the vehicle from your space to towing the damaged vehicle from the spot, we offer all sorts of vehicle removal & recycling services for our clients and customers across Melbourne.

Having a wrecked or collided vehicle can be an eyesore on your property. Why have them around when you can get rid of them with our wrecked car removal service? No matter how damaged it is, we’ll remove them thoroughly from your property and ensure to pay you on the spot. We then recycle the scrap or damaged vehicles and put them to good use.

How Do AU Car Removals Work?

  • Request Appointment
    Choose the type of service, enter your location & that’s all.
  • Truck Driver Shows Up
    Our equipped professional shows up to get your vehicle to your doorstep on the same day.
  • Off You Go
    vehicle was removed at the spot. If you want to remove a rusty vehicle in a hassle way, Au Car Removals is for you. As professionals, we’ll remove the car for you and free up your space. For the best price and quality service, call us at +61 469 804 238 today.

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